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Coming home

Via Munich and Bangkok

overcast 30 °C

Well after spending an extra day in Slovenia than I had expected, it was a dash back to Munich the same day as I was due to fly out of Europe. Fortunately on a mostly lovely day in Munich (with a bit of rain at times) gave me a chance to see a little more of the city.


Bangkok was just as humid and crazy as ever. I stayed a little out of the city but it was pretty accessible on the skytrain and for the first time in Thailand had comfortable beds and decent air conditioning. Probably a direct result of the fact I was prepared to pay more then $10 a night. Anyway, got through a bit of shopping, visited the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew (hope my spelling is ok) and generally had a good two days.


Then it was back to Australia for my masters graduation!

Despite not making it on the planned Beijing to Kathmandu via Tibet trip, this was a fantastic detour through a part of Europe that had been on my 'list' but just hadn't got to yet. Eastern Europe is fascinating, Croatia was just stunning and very friendly and beautiful and Lake Bled was a fairy tale. Thanks to those that may have read this blog and I will look forward to the next adventure!

Happy travels peoples!

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Slovenia - Lljublana and the very beautiful Lake Bled

A delightful place I'd never really heard anything about.

sunny 28 °C

Well after overnight trains followed by another day of travelling lead me to one of the few places I've ever been which I knew almost nothing about before going. Slovenia and Lake Bled had been strongly recommended to me by a friend so given they were on the way back to Munich it seemed worth a small detour to find out what all the fuss was about.


Other than the fact it took probably two days before I could say Lljublana properly, this was a most delightful place. As with many European cities there was the castle looking over the city, quaint bridges over the river and market stalls alongside. Waffles and ice-cream were also abound.


The day trip out to Lake Bled was one of the most pleasant days of the whole trip. Lake Bled is picturesque, with the church on the island in the middle of the lake one of the loveliest places ever. Ladies - to be rowed out to the island to get married would be like just divine and like a fairy tale. Ice-cream by the lake, swimming in the 'pool' area, being rowed out to the island and walking the perimeter of the lake and discovering new things all the time made for a fairly spectacular day.


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sunny 26 °C

I couldn't possibly go to Croatia without visiting an island, and the most famous of all is of course Hvar Island. So bus bus ferry rides later and I found myself enjoying European seaside bars, restaurants, night clubs and a yuppie yachtie's haven.

For not the first time in my life I felt incredibly pale compared to the beautiful tanned people that seemed to frequent the island. They had clearly spent more time in the sun that myself. But despite feeling white, it didn't stop me dressing up for a beachside dinner, drinks and later on a visit to 'Carpe Diem', a night club even I had heard about on Hvar. So with a few people I'd met at the hotel and a few drinks (though the bar was crowded enough that you tended to sober up between drinks anyway), ended up sitting in a separate bar further up the path. Beautiful sunset over the bay and boats.


The next morning consisted of sleeping in, finding food and generally recovering from the night before. Also had a good opportunity to take some photos. Then a late afternoon ferry back to the mainland and a late night train to Zagreb.

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Three delightful days in Dubrovnik

all seasons in one day 30 °C

Dubrovnik is magical. The fabled city walls and red rooves, the battle scars from the bombing in the war, the numerous bars, galleries, restaurants and delicious ice-cream.

The views from the top of the mountain provided picture perfect views of the walled city, particularly as the sun went down and then lights came on.


The wall walk was picturesque with the weather stunning sun and warmth overlooking the Adriatic.


Swimming off the rocks on the outside of the wall at Buzzard Bar. Divine! Pity I'm half blind without my glasses to see the view!

Eating ice cream, eating ice cream, eating ice cream...

Another memorable thing was the War Photography Museum which was a remarkable expose on photographic journalism.

Dubrovnik had character and charm and charisma and I LOVE IT!


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Sibenik and Lake Krka National Park

More beautiful lakes.

sunny 26 °C

Apparently they aren't allowed to put the numbers of the buildings on the street walls - makes life particularly difficult in finding one's accommodation! Wandering around Sibenik in the evening gave me the opportunity to appreciate why this particular town is a UNESCO world heritage old town whilst watching a beautiful sunset.

The morning excursion to Skradin and then a short cruise to Krka National Park to appreciate the second incredible waterfall site in Croatia. Whilst not being quite as stunning as Plitvice Lakes, there was the distinct advantage of being able to swim in the Krka river and bottom lake and appreciate the lakes from within.


The venue proved to be quite popular with local having picnics, sunbathing nude and generally having an altogether lovely time.

The evening consisted of a bus ride to Split and an evening checking into the hostel and eating crepes by the waterfront - yum!


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